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Au fil du Mékong,
poèmes d'ici et d'ailleurs

Along the Mekong, poems from here and there
Michel Muscadier

The subtle relationship that still unites us with the Far East

64 pages, 13x20 cm
ISBN: 978-2919-12287-5
12 €   14,90 $   490 THB
Michel Muscadier is not only a man of nostalgia; he's also a man of symbols, where dates become landmarks, harmoniously organizing the passage of time around him. So it was his wish to publish, at the end of 2014, those of his poems to which he is most attached, carefully composed over all these years and finally brought together in a collection. For the eighty springs of existence and half a century of life in Bangkok of this eternal teenager. Fleeting glimpses, impressions both mysterious and close at hand, from a pen that is always clear and concise, delicately and powerfully illuminating this very French passion for this region of Asia and the peoples who make it up; Éditions Soukha couldn't fail to answer the call. The reader, no doubt, won't either.

Born in France in October 1934, Michel Muscadier left in 1954 for more exotic lands, where India and Pakistan were only a stopover - but one that revealed a warm outlook for this young man who was not inclined to the all-too-probable coldness that was looming for him in our European lands. He would return only for short, rare stays in "metropolitan France", as it was then known. After his enthusiastic discovery of Laos, Vietnam and Burma - countries that were to reveal his talent for writing - he settled in Thailand in 1964, when he established himself for good in Bangkok.

Equally captivated by this "city of angels", which he celebrates to his heart's content in the verses that follow, as much as by the kingdom of which it is the capital and, on its borders, the Asian lands that have now become his own, Michel Muscadier never abandoned his native culture. Initially a self-employed teacher in his own language to young Thai people curious about our civilization, he worked at the Alliance française from 1964 to 1968, and was then recruited by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to head the Cinémathèque Régionale for the twelve countries and territories of Southeast Asia, a post he would not relinquish until he retired in 1994.
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