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11 ans d’histoire commune franco-siamoise

Chanthaburi, 11 years of common Franco-Siamese history
François Doré
The history of Chanthaburi, shared by France and Thailand, throughout an 11-year occupation.
90 pages, 15x21 cm
ISBN: 978-2919-12277-6
17 €  19,90 $  690 THB
The town of Chanthaburi lies 230 km east of Bangkok, in the direction of Cambodia along the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. The capital of one of the Kingdom's provinces, it is a favorite destination for Thai tourists. Unfortunately, it remains unknown to international tourism, being considered only as an obligatory stopover on the way to the seaside paradises of Ko Chang or Ko Kood. And that's a shame, because this is a region rich in history, where an astonishing mix of populations, religions and civilizations has created one of Thailand's most original and spectacular provinces. This book reconstructs part of the history of this city and its region, shared by France and Thailand, throughout an 11-year occupation, a jolt of history unknown to the French and often misunderstood by the Thais.

After 50 years in the region, where he was in turn a journalist, tourist guide, travel agent and medical assistant, François Doré's passion for literature and the history of our colonial adventure in Indochina, surrounded by the 16,000 titles in his antique bookshop, has never waned. And the Franco-Siamese adventure, once the passions had died down, deserved this new light.
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