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Histoire de la Thaïlande
en bandes dessinées

A comic strip History of Thailand
Emmanuel Pervé and Wut
From prehistory to the coronation of King Rama IX, the ideal comic book to discover Thailand.
72 pages, 20x28 cm
ISBN: 978-2919-12268-4

16,90 €  19,90 $  690 THB 
From prehistory to the coronation of King Rama IX, this comic book is the ideal way to discover the fabulous history of Siam and Thailand. In particular, the comic highlights the kings Khamaeng, Mangrai, Borommaracha, Trailok, Narai and Taksin, the 18th-century monarch who preceded the Chakri dynasty from which Rama IX descended in 2016.

Emmanuel Pervé has been an adventurer since childhood, following his parents backpacking to Lapland or Europe on vacation. He has been familiar with Southeast Asia since the 1980s, settling in Chiang Mai in 2000. To express his passion for Thailand, and to be able to publish the works he and his friends wanted to write, he set up the Siam Book Planet publishing house with his brother a few years ago.
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