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Les poings de l'espoir
The fists of hope
Serge Tréfeu
The tragic fate of a Thai boxing champion.
150 pages, hardcover, 15x21 cm
ISBN: 978-2919-12279-0
17 €  19,90 $  690 THB
Noknoï is not a child like the others. Her dream is not to become a singer, an actress or a beautiful princess. Her obsession is boxing. And there's no question of Noknoï fighting only in women's stadiums. For her, it's the mythical Ratchadamnoen arena, Thailand's most famous, or nothing.
Little did this puny little girl know that her tragic story would leave an indelible mark on the history of Thai boxing (Muay Thai).
At the risk of her life, she will have to confront the powerful Bangkok mafia and the world of men's boxing. Thanks to her extraordinary willpower, but also at the cost of a radical metamorphosis, Noknoï will succeed in this impossible quest.

Serge Tréfeu shares his passion for Thai boxing on, the benchmark website. He has also written for the well-known Karaté Bushido magazine, as well as the Dutch Fighter, US Muay Thaimes and Australian International Kickboxer magazines. Serge Tréfeu has also contributed to the website and the RMC Sport TV channel. He has dedicated a book to Daniel Allouche "The Voice", the famous boxing announcer, and written Voyage au pays du Muay Thai, a guide to the practice of this sport in Thailand. With Les poings de l'espoir, the author offers us his first novel on his familiar world of the rings.
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