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Bud E. Weyzer
Over 130 drawings by the author of Tintin in Thailand.
144 pages, hardcover, 24x17cm
ISBN: 978-2919-12271-4
14,90 €  17,90 $  590 THB
The title of the book is a play on words written in French « taille-crayons » means « pencil sharpener ».

The trials and tribulations of Western tourists seeking exoticism in the land of smiles. But also some pretty Thai girls, not so dumb and attached to their culture! When two worlds meet...

After the success of the first edition, the facetious and truculent Baudoin de Duve returns with a new presentation of his famous collection of sketches. This selection of drawings was initially intended to save a few original sketches from the wreckage of several years of monsoon rains in Thailand: humidity, ants and termites being merciless predators of archives. Before tackling Tintin in Thailand in 1996, the author produced a number of cartoons for Chiangmai News, an English-language magazine that has now disappeared.
Finally, since 2000, Baudouin de Duve, alias Bud E.Weyzer, has also drawn for the monthly Gavroche published in Thailand.
Also included is "La saga du Dieu mystérieux" (The Saga of the Mysterious God), sent day by day by fax to friends, then bound in 50 copies that have since disappeared.
In all, over 130 hilarious drawings.
"Bravo it's very funny, ferociously caricatured", preface by Stéphane Steeman.

Not recommended for readers under 16.
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