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Tranches de Siam
Siam Slices
Alain Joannis
Scenes from everyday Thai life in some 30 sketches.
72 pages, 24x24cm
ISBN: 978-2919-12250-9
21 €  19,90 $  690 THB
"We don't hesitate to preface a little book like this.
The scenes of everyday Thai life it presents are truly both original in their capture and charming in their subjects. These thirty or so sketches manage to "sketch" (so to speak) with a particular enjoyment in the fruits of this life that could be of the countryside as well as the city.
Nothing traditional, but everything traditional. And above all, Alain Joannis's sympathetic, often even humorous look at the small world of the "little people" of today's Thailand. I'd like to thank him in particular for his warm and precise eye, as well as his talent as a draughtsman."
Professor Emeritus, Silpakorn University-Bangkok
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